Etude House Spring 2014 collection: Color Lips-fit lipsticks

Etude House has just released some preview pictures of Sulli and Krystal wearing the Color Lips-fit lipsticks, which are part of the Etude House Spring 2014 collection. Although I would normally like the lighter colors more, I am strangely attracted by the two darker shades shown underneath. I really like how they have kept the rest of the makeup simple, which made the colors on the lips pop more. From the vivid colors on their lips, I thought that they were wearing lipsticks. But they seem to be weightless, liquid lipsticks instead. I really like the white print on the packaging. Although barely visible in the pictures, the eyeshadow also looks very beautiful on them. I wonder if they are new products too.

Needless to say, I am really looking forward to the new spring collection. ^_^

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