Holika Holika Before and After mask sheets

After all the holiday stress, I could really use a day of relaxing. For me, that would be hanging out at home in comfy house wear and reading a big stack of magazines with a sheet mask on my face. I have been wanting to try the Holika Holika Tea Cafe mask sheets, the Tony Moly I'm Real and Pureness 100 sheet masks, and the Etude House Alphabet sheet masks, but the vast amount of sheet masks that I already have at home doesn't seem to ever get less. Today, I discovered another range from Holika Holika that I am interested in. 

Holika Holika has developed 4 Before and 6 After mask sheets. The "before" and "after" does not imply the step in the skincare routine, but the specific situation that you are in.

In each sheet mask, there are 4 different main ingredients that help you get into your best condition before or after a certain situation. Since I often have trouble falling asleep (to the point that it is almost insomnia), the Holika Holika Before Sleep sheet mask, containing lavender + milk + jasmine + cherry blossom, would really be something for me. Even though I also pull that face whenever I hear the alarm clock ringing in the early mornings, I don't think I can find the time to wear the Holika Holika Before I go to work sheet mask (corn + pumpkin + coffee beans + water melon), while getting ready for work. Perhaps, you could put it on, when you are brushing your teeth. ^_^ 

From the Holika Holika After mask sheets, I would like to get the After Hard Study (Tea tree + Green tea + Calendula + Witch Hazel, great to reduce swelling and chance of acne) and After Overtime ( Peppermint + Chamomille + Acerola + Blueberries) sheet masks. Although I don't have to study anymore, I do have to do a lot of reading. It really hurts my eyes and I also sometimes get a headache from it. Working until late in the evening is also very bad for me, so if the sheet mask can help even a tiniest bit, I would love to try it. 

After all the champagne I had on New Year's Eve, I think I could also use the Holika Holika After Drinking mask sheet. ^_^

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