HEMA press day Spring/Summer 2014

Last Thursday (6 February), I was invited to my first official press event, the HEMA press day Spring/Summer 2014. It was a lot of fun to be one of the first to see and discover the products that will be in stores later. In this post, I will show you some of the things that has peaked my interest and you might also want to have a look at the video that I made of the event, which you can find at the end of this post.

There were some really cute home decorations in turquoise and coral, which are two of my favorite colors. I am definitely going to pick some of these up, when they hit the stores.

HEMA woonaccessoires

With my love for anything that has to do with stars (as you can see here), I had to stop and look at this duvet. Although the bed was almost entirely in grey tones, the little neon orange accents made it look quite special.

HEMA neon oranje sterretjes dekbed

Soon it will be Valentine's day and Easter, and the HEMA stores will be filled with many festive items. I am especially looking forward to the delicious cakes and chocolates. I already thought that the mini, wooden HEMA Christmas tree was very adorable, but this cardboard one is really cute too with the colorful birds. This and other Easter items will be available in stores and online from March the 17th.

HEMA valentijnsdag en pasen 2014

I normally don't buy any clothes from the HEMA, but at the press event, I was surprised to find some interesting items. The colorful underwear and the purple bikini (the picture only shows the bottom part) with lace frills look quite good.

HEMA turquoise panterprint bh

HEMA paarse bikini broekje met kantrandjes

What I buy the most from the HEMA is their affordable stationery and I have already put the products shown underneath on my wishlist. I especially want to get the washi tape (who can resist the flower print and colorful flags? ^_^) and the stickers. 

HEMA bloemenprint notitieboekjes

HEMA bloemenprint pennen en potloden

HEMA washi tape

This is something I have never seen before. I didn't know it was technically possible to print a picture on wood. o_O It looks very rustic and it would look really good in interiors with a classic, vintage style. I have received a discount coupon for this picture service, so maybe I should pick out one of my vacation pictures to try this out.

HEMA foto prints op hout

I enjoy drinking ice tea during the summer and I have been thinking for a long time if I should get one of these plastic jugs that have a very handy dispenser. At the event, they made it look very colorful and nice to have by filling it with different beverages, such as sparkling water with lime, lemonade, strawberry juice, and lemon water. Don't you want to get one too, when you see them lined up like this? ^_^

HEMA plastic kannen met schenktuitje

Because of my concerns of how durable the plastic is, I am also considering getting this retro, glass one.

HEMA glazen kan met schenktuitje

The HEMA already has a very nifty knitting wheel, which makes it easier to knit a scarf yourself. But it looks like they have a new knitting tool, which helps you create intricate patterns.

HEMA breitool

The two sewing machines in turquoise and hot pink look quite amazing, when you see what kind of things they are capable of. I do think you need to be quite an expert in sewing, before you can create those cute shapes and letters that you can see on the piece of fabric. 

HEMA naaimachine in roze en turqoise

I really regret not tasting the new, biological ice cream and frozen yoghurt. I was starting to get a bit of a cold and it wasn't wise to eat ice cream in that state. The sprinkles and the juicy strawberries that you can use to top it with, looked very tempting. ^_^

HEMA biologisch yoghurtijs bosvruchten en roomijs vanille aardbei

HEMA sprinkles voor op ijs.

Video of the HEMA press day Spring/Summer 2014

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