Etude House Sugar Powder Play Nails

All this time, I have tried to avoid looking at the enormous amount of Etude House Play Nails nail polishes that are available. I just pretended that they didn't exist. The reason for it, is that I seriously cannot get any more nail polishes, before I swatch the 30+ nail polishes that I have obtained over the months. >_< The "to review and swatch" list is getting infinitely long already and I wish I could finally freely use the products without worrying about how the half empty bottles would look terrible in pictures.

But back to the reason why I broke my resolve, I just spotted these new Etude House Sugar Powder Play Nails nail polishes in lovely pastel colors.

I had already mentioned before in this "Etude House Summer 2013 nail polishes" post, that I wanted to get nail polishes that are similar to the Zoya PixieDust nail polishes. With this new nail polish collection, Etude House has just made my dream come true.
Zoya PixieDust nail polishes

On the nail polish bottles, there is a fun cupcake and doughnut print that you can also see on the cupcake wrapper in the first campaign picture. It is replacing the lace print that you can normally find on the Etude House Play Nails nail polishes. From the looks of it, it has a very interesting sand texture and an unusual matte finish. The Etude House nail polish RD302 - Ruby Red Sand, which was one of the first Etude House sand texture nail polishes, was pretty amazing to me for its low price. I expect no less from these new nail polishes that are sold for merely 3,000 won each. The names of these Etude House Sugar Powder nail polishes are really yummy too. ^_^

 #191 Sour Lemon Candy | #192 Peach Bubble Gum | #193 Sweet Apricot Tart | #194 Mint Macaron | #195 Melting Cloud Candy | #196 Soft Milky Lavender

The first three lighter colors are different from the rest of the nail polishes, as they have a special gold pearl finish. I cannot really tell very well from the pictures, but it seems that they have small gold shimmers in them, whereas the others only have shimmers in the color of the nail polish.

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