Etude House xoxo Minnie nail polish 01 - Minnie Red review

Last year in October, Etude House released the limited edition xoxo Minnie collection, which was exclusive to Korea. But since the beginning of March, I saw that this collection has become available in the Etude House stores in Hong Kong too. Although the lipsticks, eye shadows, and the false eyelashes aren't included, the rest of the products can still be bought during the whole month of March. So if you happen to go to Hong Kong around this time and you haven't been able to get your hands on these products before, you now get a second chance. I am not sure, but they might also be available in other international Etude House stores. So, ask or check out your local Etude House store, if you are interested.  

Back then, I had immediately bought all the nail polishes, as I didn't want to miss out on any of them. The Minnie mouse shaped glitters just looked so adorable. ^_^ But because I was quite busy last year, I never got around swatching them. Now that the nail polishes can still be bought, my swatches might still be helpful to some people after all. I will first start with the red nail polish, which is the Etude House xoxo Minnie nail polish no. 1 - Minnie Red.

This nail polish has a rounded, long bottle with a white cap that has a black Minnie mouse print all over it. The wide and flat brush has a slightly round tip, which follows the shape of your nail very well. But sadly, the formula of this nail polish is a bit too watery, which makes application turn into a mess, so you really need to take your time applying it neatly. Because of that and the color that doesn't capture well on camera, I needed to take the pictures three separate times (!). But at least, you get to see this pretty red nail polish on short as well as on longer nails.

Etude House xoxo Minnie nail polish 01 - Minnie Red review

The nail polish really has a glossy, gel nail polish effect as promised, but it only lasts a day a so. The next day, the nail polish "flattens" a bit, becomes darker, and the glossiness is slightly muted. The gel nail effect also has some disadvantages, since you get cuts and scrapes on it very easy and the drying time is longer. The nail polish is also a bit thin, so it is better to apply two coats like I did.

I am a little bit disappointed that the color doesn't look as deep red as in the swatch pictures that Etude House has made. The color has a brighter red undertone than I expected, while I wanted a deep wine red. I already have a similar deep, wine red nail polish (Etude House nail polish DRD301 - Why Wine), but I wanted another one in a lighter tone. Although I still like the color a lot (I feel very sexy, when I have it on my nails. ^_^), I really wanted the color that they had shown in the promotional pictures. Maybe, I can still get that color with more layers or with a matte top coat as the glossiness lightens the color a bit.

I found some black studs lying around (quite literally: I think it fell off from some clothes ^_^), so I added one on the accent nail. The deep red color matches really well with the black.  

Etude House xoxo Minnie nail polish 01 - Minnie Red with black nail stud

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