Easter snacks 2014

After last year's Easter snacks post, I decided to write another one for this year. I really like to indulge in delicious food that are only available during special occasions and festivities (Don't even get me started on Christmas. ^_^).

While I only showed you two kinds of snacks last year, there is a lot more this time.


I first started my day with whole wheat bread with thinly sliced chicken and sandwich spread.

whole wheat bread with thinly sliced chicken and sandwich spread

Albert Heijn Feeststol

I also got this "paasstol" from the Albert Heijn (local supermarket), which is a traditional Dutch dish. It is a raisin bread loaf filled with almond paste and we serve it with some icing sugar on top. We also eat this during Christmas. I really love the almond paste that is in there, which is also used in many treats during Sinterklaas (celebrated in the Netherlands on 5 December each year).

raisin bread loaf | paasstol
Albert Heijn feeststol
slice of raisin bread loaf
slice of raisin bread loaf with icing sugar
A piece of advice: It is better to sprinkle the icing sugar on the slice of raisin bread loaf only, if you are not planning to eat the whole thing. Before, I sprinkled the icing sugar all over the raisin bread loaf and after putting it back into the plastic wrapper, the icing sugar turned into a sticky, sugary mess.

 Albert Heijn Paassoesjes

There is another thing, I bought from the Albert Heijn. It almost seems like I am advertising for them, but there are two Albert Heijn supermarkets in close vicinity of where I live, so I just go there for my groceries very often. I bough this box of cream puffs covered with yellow colored chocolate and with decorations made of marzipan.

Albert Heijn paassoesjes | Easter cream puffs
Paassoesjes | Easter cream puffs
Filling of the Easter cream puff

 Chocolate Easter Eggs

 Of course, I also ate many chocolate Easter eggs. The first ones with the colorful Easter prints had different fillings and rice crispies in them.
chocolate Easter eggs with Easter prints
Easter chocolate eggs: chocolate, hazelnut, vanilla, and caramel
 Chocolate - Hazelnut - Vanilla - Caramel

From these chocolate Easter eggs underneath, I like the larger one with gold wrapping the most. It is a white chocolate one, which was very creamy and delicious. The ones with lime green, red, and purple wrappers have the traditional flavors (milk, dark, and white chocolate) and a few rice crispies in them as well.

chocolate Easter eggs
chocolate Easter eggs: milk, dark, and white
 Milk - Dark -White

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