Etude House Cinderella Collaboration

I haven't even finished reviewing the products that I have from the first Etude House x Disney collaboration - xoxo Minnie, and there is already a second one. This time, it is the Cinderella's turn to shine. I hope that the other Disney princesses will follow. ^_^

Etude House Cinderella Collaboration

I don't know yet if there will be more products in this Etude House x Cinderella Collaboration, but they have already released pictures of two Magic Any Cushion cases with different Cinderella prints. I'm sure they will also fit on the normal Any Cushion. One case is more feminine and classy, whereas the other one is more playful. I like the one on the bottom more, as I really like the annoyed look Cinderella has, while she looks at the clock and discovers that it is already 12 o' clock. She seems to be thinking "Why is time going so fast, while I am having fun?". 

Etude House Cinderella Collaboration Magic Any Cuhsion cases

All pictures in this post are from Etude House and they were edited by me.

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