IKEA KOMPLEMENT jewelry drawer and dividers

Today, I discovered some new things from the IKEA. I have always liked the IKEA PAX closets for their versatility. You could add wired baskets, shelves, clothes rails, drawers, multi hangers, shoe racks, pants hangers, and lots more, according to your specific needs. More options have been added recently and I will show them in this blog post.   

First, we have the IKEA KOMPLEMENT jewelry drawers. The felt trays might have already been introduced before, as I have not seen the "new" signs for those products on the Dutch IKEA website (It is new to me though!). But now, they have created a wooden shelf in which you can place the trays, making sure that they don't move around. You can buy these shelves in black, white, and oak wood (not pictured). I don't really like the red felt - I would have preferred black -, but most jewelry stores use red felt to showcase their diamonds, so it must be for a reason.

The new IKEA KOMPLEMENT glass plate can be placed on top of the IKEA KOMPLEMENT jewelry drawer to complete the whole professional and luxurious jewelry store look.

The IKEA KOMPLEMENT transparent dividers also look very convenient. I like how you can clearly see what is in which compartment. Especially with smaller items, it can become difficult to locate them. The price is also very affordable, ranging from €5-15 for the different sizes.

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