DIY: Tie Dye shirt (v-shape)

I promised in my C&A Summer Fashion Festival video that I would show you how my Tie Dye project turned out and today, I have finally found the time for it.

It took me little bit longer as I also wanted to draw how I did it (sorry for making you look at my terrible sketches ^_^). With these simple instructions, you should be able to tie dye a shirt too.

What you need:

- a white t-shirt or sleeveless shirt
- rubber bands
- textile dye in the colors that you want and bottles to dispense them from
- iron rack and bowl
- saran wrap and rubber gloves

 Instructions on how to create a tie dye shirt (v-shape)Instructions on how to create a tie dye shirt (v-shape)

Instructions on how to make a tie dye shirt in v-shape

1. Start with a white t-shirt or sleeveless shirt. | 2. Fold the shirt in the middle. | 3. Draw a imaginary (or washable/easily removable) diagonal line. | 4. Start folding the shirt from the righter corner in the direction as the line. | 5. You should eventually get a bundle that looks like that. | 6. Use rubber bands to hold the shape together. They don't really need to be very tight. | 7. Place the roll onto an iron rack (or make one yourself with long wooden skewers or chopsticks) that is placed on top of a bowl. Wear the rubber gloves and apply the color of your choice in the spaces between the rubber bands. Wring the shirt a bit for it to soak up the color better. The places, where the rubber bands are, will become the white parts in the tie dye print. (I didn't really follow this rule very strictly, but it turned out alright too) | 8. For the best results, it is best to use the darker colors outside and then use gradually lighter colors towards the center. Because we needed to take the tie-dye shirt back home right after making it at the event, they wrapped it in saran wrap for us. But I am not sure if this is really required. It does seem very practical even when you do this at home, as you don't want the colors to transfer on everything.       

 Step 8 should look like this:
DIY: Rainbow colored tie dye shirt

DIY: Rainbow colored tie dye shirt

I kept the shirt in the saran wrap for one night and the next day, I rinsed the shirt until no color came off. Afterwards, I have put the shirt in a basin with water and some vinegar and let it soak for another night. This should make the colors seal into the clothing and last longer.

This is how the Tie Dye sleeveless shirt that I created looks like:

DIY: rainbow colored tie dye sleeveless shirt

The colors didn't distribute very well as I didn't wring it during the coloring, as my gloves were dirty with the textile paint and I didn't want to leave stains on the shirt, and also because of the rubber bands that I added later in the evening to make sure the colors would stay in place, which wasn't necessary as slightly loose rubber bands would have been sufficient too. Still, I am very proud that the v-shape came out (very slimming effect!). The teacher told me that this shape was one of the most difficult patterns, so it luckily didn't become a disaster. ^_^

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