Etude House Sweet Idea Bunny Nail sets

A while ago, Etude House held a Sweet Idea contest amongst their fans and I am surprised that they have already made one of the ideas into reality. They have created 5 Etude House Bunny Nail sets (4ml x 2, 4,500 won) that have an adorable bunny packaging. After taking the nail polishes out of the packaging (basically undressing them from their cute outfits ^_^), you will get to see their different expressions better by placing the nail polish bottles next to each other. I am especially interested in the first two sets as they have bunny shaped glitters. It reminds me of the glitter nail polishes in the Etude House xoxo Minnie collection that had glitters in the shape of Minnie heads and also polka-dots. This time, they didn't add too many smaller glitters and shimmers that needs to suspend in the base, so hopefully the formula of these will be better. I also really like the white bunny ear caps on the nail polish bottles. ^_^

1. Dalmatian Bunny | 2. Analog Bunny | 3. Pink Milky Bunny | 4. Red Carrot Bunny | 5. Mint Golden Moon Bunny

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