Review: Gentilini cookies from Rome

As you might remember (if not, click here to see the post), I received a lot of souvenirs from Rome. Today, I will show you the cookies from the Italian brand, Gentilini. This company uses only healthy ingredients, without any dyes, preservatives, fats or hydrogen oils.

Gentilini cookies from Rome

 Gentilini Nuvole with cream and cocoa

I had high expectations from looking at these cute cloud/flower shape chocolate cookies. I imagined it to have a rich cream and cocoa taste. But I was left disappointed as it tasted very bland. It wasn't very sweet and the cocoa taste was very mild. It wasn't until I went to look on their website that I discovered that the Nuvole are part of their breakfast products and that they are considered as rich shortbreads. The cookies are quite thick (about 1 cm) and very crumbly, so I think that they would be great to have as a snack in the morning or in the afternoon with a glass of milk.

Gentilini nuvole with cream and cocoa

 Gentilini Cantuccini alle mandorle (crisp almond cookies)

With these cookies, I was very sure that nothing could go wrong. They are one of my favorite cookies from Italy and I was right, they tasted amazing. I really love the delicious crispy crust with a lot of egg flavor. It reminds me of the egg cookies (in Dutch: ambachtelijke eierkoeken) that I used to be able to get at my local bakery. The egg cookies that you can buy nowadays are all soggy and soft, but the ones I got as a kid were soft in the middle and with a crisp coat that has a rich egg flavor. This taste matches very well with the large chunks of almonds that are in the crisp almond cookies. Although they might be too hard for elderly or children, I really recommend getting these cookies as a souvenir.  

Box of Gentilini Cantuccini alle mandorle (crisp almond cookies)

Gentilini crisp almond cookies

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