Mother's day gift 2014

Today, it will be mother's day and my mom doesn't like us to spend too much, so we mostly celebrate it with small gifts and a good family meal. I can still remember the time that she had asked me to go return an expensive gift, so each year, I try to be creative and buy the best gifts for the least money. Since I am quite good at cooking and discovering new delicious products, I will also prepare a good meal with yummy bites and snacks.

In this bag are the gifts that I have bought for my mom.

sissy-boy shopping bag

My mom always steals my scarves, so I thought that it is time to give her a few more scarves to wear. I picked out two from the Dutch fashion brand Sissy-Boy (strange name, I know ^_^).

The first scarf is a dark brown scarf with pretty line patterns and a flower print in the middle. The ends of the scarf are long and narrow.

sissy-boy flowery scarf

Here, you can see it modeled by me. (Sorry mom, I have worn it before you did).

brown flower print scarf

The second scarf is a pretty pink, silk scarf that has a cute fashionable girls pattern. Strangely enough, the scarf doesn't have the square shape that I thought it would be. It has an unusual, short rectangular shape, but it can luckily still be worn like the traditional handkerchief.

sissy-boy pink silk scarf

Modeled by me again and I tried out two styles.

pink silk scarf with fashionable girls print
pink silk scarf with fashionable girls print
mother's day gift: scarves

 Hope you will all have a great mother's day!

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