New in: Maybelline Baby Lips and chocolates

The Rotterdam Central Station has become very beautiful nowadays and I really love the many different eateries and shops that are located inside. One day, I visited the Etos drugstore that is located in the station hall and I was surprised that they didn't have higher prices than in the regular stores and there are often special deals too. That day, I bought two Maybelline Baby Lips lip balms for €5 and one bag of chocolate bonbons for just €1.

Maybelline Baby Lips cherry me and hydrate

After trying the Maybelline Baby Lips Intense Care a few times, I really liked it, so I couldn't resist getting a couple more. I am very curious about the other flavors, so I bought the Cherry Me that has a hint of color and the Hydrate one. 

Elicee Holland bonbons

These Elvee Holland Bonbons were probably on sale as they were left-overs from Kingsday. But because they looked very delicious and detailed, I had to take a bag home. One bag holds 160 gr of chocolate bonbons with a soft filling. There are three kinds: white chocolate, milk chocolate, and dark chocolate. Each has a very pretty royal crown and shield design, incorporating the Dutch royal orange color and lion symbol.

Dutch Royal Orange chocolate bonbons

Although I paid so little for them, the chocolates tasted really good. I could really taste the rich chocolate (which is by the way UTZ certified) and the creamy center. I like the orange crown bonbon made of white chocolate and with a praline filling the most. The white cream filling in the other two bonbons lacks a bit in taste in contrast to the strong chocolate flavors of the shell. It is also funny to know that the orange color on the bonbons aren't artificial, but it actually came from carrots and paprika. To me the taste of the orange part is a bit carrot, orange (the fruit) like, so it matches very well with chocolate.

Milk, dark, and white chocolate bonbons with praline and white cream filling

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