The Body Shop flavoured lip gloss 45 - Watermelon review

Lately, I have gone shopping and while I was in the Body Shop store, I discovered the cute, small tubes of fruit flavored lip glosses. The flavors that you can choose from are: pink grapefruit, mint, mango, cocao, raspberry, strawberry, peach, lychee, coconut, plum, watermelon, and the two newly added flavors: vanilla and rose. Obviously, as you can tell from the blog title, I picked out the watermelon lip gloss.   

the bodyshop flavoured lip gloss watermelon review
 The Body Shop flavoured lip gloss (12 ml), €7

I didn't really realize it in the store, as I was mainly attracted by the beautiful watermelon juice like color, but there are also multi-color shimmers in there. It isn't really visible on the lips, but in certain angles and standing more in the shade, you can see a lovely sparkle on your lips.

the bodyshop flavoured lip gloss watermelon on lips

I am however a bit disappointed by the lack of color pay-off, since I really love the color. It does give your lips a very pretty, natural look with a hint of pink. It also has a very nice, watermelon candy scent that doesn't linger too long on the lips. Unlike the philosophy melon daiquiri lip shine, which also has a sweet watermelon scent, the one from the Body Shop is tasteless. Moreover, the lip gloss is a bit on the watery side, so be careful, when you squeeze the tube.  

My opinion:

It is a nice non-sticky lip gloss that is perfect for daily use, as it looks very natural. My lips felt very soft and moisturized the following day as well. I think it is best to buy the Body Shop flavoured lipglosses according to your favorite scent more than to the color.

Looking at the watermelon on the tube, makes me want to take a bite from a piece of chilled watermelon and sit on my balcony. I cannot wait for summer to come. ^_^

the bodyshop flavoured lip gloss watermelon

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