The Body Shop social media evening in Rotterdam + goodybag

the Body Shop paper bagLast year, I attended a special social media evening held by the Body Shop in Rotterdam. Most events are held in Amsterdam or somewhere very far from where I live, so I was very happy that I didn't have to travel much. In total, about 12 women were invited and we talked about the Body Shop as a brand and how they could improve regarding their social media channels. While we talked about a variety of topics, we were treated to delicious juices, chocolates, and cookies. The question that I still remember very well is: "Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?". It really made me think. At the moment, I don't really have a well thought plan. Unlike others, I didn't have a specific age in my mind by which I want to be married and have children. But it occurred to me that many people around me that did do all that are really happy. Ultimately, all that I want is just to be happy. ^_^  

After having a enjoyable discussion that evening with women with very different backgrounds, we went home with a very nice goodybag.

In the goodybag, there were:
- a Honeymania bubble bath melt
- a Honeymania body butter
- a Honeymania eau de toilette
- Colour Crush in the shade 505 Boyfriend Jeans
- Carbon Blue Eye Definer
-3 samples: tea tree oil, aloe soothing cream, and tea tree pore minimizer
- a gift card worth €15

the Body Shop goodybag

the Body Shop goodies

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