Breakfast at V&D department store

In the Netherlands, more and more restaurants are promoting with value breakfasts to lure more customers to their stores. IKEA and HEMA are two good examples of that. Out of curiosity, I have eaten the value breakfasts at both of the aforementioned stores already and I had one more that I wanted to try, the breakfast at the V&D department store. With a discount coupon, you can now get a breakfast, which consists of one cup of coffee/tea, one small glass of fresh orange juice, and 5 items from the breakfast buffet, for just €2.50. My mom's birthday was the day after, so I treated her for breakfast and we went shopping afterwards.  

V&D warenhuis ontbijtje €2,50

I went to the La Place restaurant in the V&D department store in Rotterdam. I didn't exactly know what to do, so I just followed the crowd. I found out that there was one area specifically meant for the value breakfast eaters and it was fully self-service. There, you could choose the five items that you want and also pour yourself a glass of orange juice. Afterwards, you can get a freshly made coffee or tea from the counter near the cash registers.

My five items were: an omelet, a mini croissant, a boiled egg, a slice of cake, and a cup of yogurt with melon on top. The omelet was still warm, as I have just saw them add those at the buffet. It tasted a bit bland, but full of egg flavor. You could add some sea salt on top, which you can find at each table. The croissant tasted flaky and delicious, but it is a bit too small. The slice of cake was very fluffy and not too sweet. I kind of think that they taste a bit like the Chinese steamed cakes. The boiled egg was a wrong choice, as the egg white stuck to the shell very badly and it was so over-cooked that it tasted a bit bitter. The cup of yogurt tasted very sour (but very authentic), so the sweet melon and water melon parts on top were a good addition. You can also add some sugar to the yogurt if you like, as you can find 3-4 kinds of sugar at the counter past the cash registers, where you take your utensils. I added some brown rock sugar to my yogurt and it tasted really nice with some crunchy sugar mixed in. You could also choose for a cup with just plain fruit chunks and without the yogurt, but since I am very curious about the organic dairy that they get straight from local Dutch farmers, I choose for the option with the yogurt.     

You might be wondering where my cup of tea is, but they gave me one large glass with hot water and let me choose the tea flavor (4 kinds) that I want. I took the blueberry flavor and it tasted really good with some brown sugar. The paper Pepsi cup is filled with the complimentary lemon-mint water that I just had to try. There were two large jugs filled with water that had a lot of mint leaves and lemon slices in them, how could I pass that? ^_^ I really love how well-balanced the two flavors are and very thirst quenching without being sweet.

To be honest, I got hungry quite fast after having this breakfast, but I really like how I could try bits and pieces of the authentic and healthy food that they are trying to make.

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