DIY: sock/underwear/scarf baskets

From 9-15 June 2014, it is the Zero Plastic Week in the Netherlands. This whole week, the people that are participating will try to shop plastic free for the whole week. I always try to be as environmentally conscious as possible, but I know how hard it can be. I carry a large canvas bag in my purse at all times, but most products are packaged in plastic or you need to use a (separate) plastic bag to carry it with. It is also a bit strange to ask the salesperson to just put the clothes you bought straight in your bag. But for this week, I have tried to use as little (new) plastic as possible in my purchases. I wanted to write a long blog post about the challenges that I had from day to day, but I barely went shopping this week as I was a bit too busy.

What I did remember, was that I had been saving up the plastic baskets that came with the fruit I bought. I think that reducing waste, is also a good way to be friendlier to the environment.

basket of physalis (cape goose berries)

This is how the physalis (cape goose berries) are sold: in a hard plastic basket and with a plastic foil which is held in place by a rubber band. I started to like these fruits after getting one in my dessert at a Japanese restaurant. It is slightly too sour, but the distinct sweet taste makes it better. It tastes a bit like cherry tomatoes with a slight sourness. You can get enough of it very soon, so 2-3 berries per person is already enough.  

As I am a fervent fruit eater (I need my daily dose or I can't sleep ^_^), I have accumulated 9 plastic baskets this year. The size of one plastic basket is enough to hold one pair of my fluffy New Look moco moco socks. You can also use it to store small scarves and undergarments. It is also great to store cosmetics in. I think it can hold 9 lipsticks or nail polishes.

My idea is to attach the baskets 3 x 3 with ribbons or elastic bands or to place them on a large, square tray. I am still deciding what to do with them, but I will let you know what I did with the baskets on my blog.    

DIY: sock/underwear/scarf basket

DIY: sock/underwear/scarf basket

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