Innisfree jelly tint

Although the colors of the Innisfree Creamy Tint Lip Mousse were really pretty, I have been wary about getting them as they don't seem very suitable for my dry lips. That's why, I was very happy to see the Innisfree Summer 2014 lip product: the Innisfree jelly tint (3ml, 6,000 won).

Innisfree jelly tint

From the pictures, they look like normal glossy lipglosses with shimmers in them. But what makes them special is that they also have the staining properties of a lip tint (except for the Innisfree jelly tint no. 1, which is similar to a transparent lipgloss). I am also very curious about the jelly like texture, which hopefully, doesn't feel sticky on the lips. The three trend colors look the most appealing to me, but the bold red color looks really pretty too. Although jelly tints aren't exactly really new to the Korean market, the pretty multicolor shimmers are making the difference. I am really looking forward to have glossy and colorful lips during the summer, so the Innisfree jelly tint will be a must-have for me.

Innisfree jelly tint shades
Innisfree has suggested two ways of wearing the Innisfree jelly tints: full lips (as shown with color no. 4) and gradation lips (as shown with color no. 2 and 3). It is also recommended to use colors no. 2 +  no. 5 and colors no. 7 + no. 4 together as gradation lips.
Innisfree jelly tintInnisfree jelly tint: full lips and gradation lips

 Matching Innisfree PRO nail polishes

For people who like to wear nail polish that matches with their lipstick, they have made three nail polishes that matches with the Innisfree jelly tint no. 3, no. 4, and no. 5 (the trend colors).

Innisfree jelly tint with matching nail polish

The names of the Innisfree PRO nail polishes (2,500 won) are: 
no. 81 - Sour Grapefruit
no. 82 - Pink Berry
no. 83 - Orchid Lavender

They seem to be pigmented jelly nail polishes with small shimmers in them.

Innisfree summer tint nail nail polishes no. 81, 82 and 83

All pictures in this post are from Innisfree.

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