Recipe: smoked salmon potato salad

Now that it is starting to get warmer, I get less of a appetite for warm food. I normally eat rice almost every day, switched up with an occasional pasta, potatoes, noodles, or fries. But it is about time for me to start making salads and cold noodles again. A few days ago, I really wanted to eat potato salad and I just randomly mixed some ingredients together and created this smoked salmon potato salad. 

smoked salmon potato recipe
It is really easy, so give it a try!

What you need for this smoked salmon potato salad (for 4 persons)

- 700 gr. mini potatoes (in Dutch: krieltjes) or potatoes cut in small cubes.
- half a purple onion
- a handful of (salted) cashews
- 100 gr of smoked salmon in slices (I used : a pack of "Albert Heijn gerookte zalmfilet")
- Kewpie mayonnaise

smoked salmon potato recipe with crunchy cashews

How to make the smoked salmon potato salad

- Pan fry the potatoes with some butter and set them aside to cool down.
- Cut the smoked salmon slices in small strips.
- Mince the purple onion.
- Mix all the above ingredients in a large bowl (or in my case, a large plate) with the Kewpie mayonnaise.
- Lastly, sprinkle a handful of cashews over it, right before serving. This way, they will stay nice and crunchy.

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