Review: Innisfree It's real manuka honey mask

Innisfree It's real manuka honey mask reviewAs I have written in my post about the new line of Innisfree sheet masks, I have given myself the mission to clear a whole box of sheet masks for this summer. I had already started with the Innisfree It's real manuka honey masks, but I haven't found the time to post the review yet. But after seeing that the Innisfree sheet masks that I have, are close to be discontinued, I got an extra motivation to review them all. As they might go on sale soon at the shops that want to clear their stocks, it would be very helpful to see what others think and to find out which ones are the best.

The reason why I started reviewing the Innisfree It's real manuka honey mask, was because I received many of this sheet mask as a freebie with my 14th Gmarket order.

In the past, I have tried the Lacvert Real Food Recipe Honey Nutrition masks and I really like the honey scent, so I started the testing with a lot of anticipation.

My opinion

To start off, I wasn't too fond of the honey scent as it has an overpowering flowery scent in it, that made me feel a bit nauseous. I could barely smell the honey. There was also an unexplainable, strong alcohol like scent. The sheet masks were made in 2013, so it couldn't be that they were past expiration date. I am very sensitive to scents, so it could also just be me. Due to the scent, it wasn't that comfortable for me to have the sheet mask on my face for 10-20 minutes.

I have become extra careful with anything containing honey, as I have a sensitive skin that reacts to all kinds of ingredients and in the past few years, I developed strange allergies for things that gave me no trouble in the past. I could sense a slight itchiness/warmness, right after removing the sheet mask from my face. It faded away after some time, so it didn't bother me that much.

I always apply sheet masks in the evening, as I like having the essence stay on my skin during my sleep. After removing the sheet mask, my face felt slightly sticky, but I didn't mind as it didn't disturb my sleep. The following day, my skin felt moisturized and soft. It did what it promised to do as its main function is extra moisturizing. I have tried two of the Innisfree It's real manuka honey masks (out of 8) and each time, it gave quick results.

The fit of the Innisfree It's real manuka honey mask

This is the first time I tried the sheet masks from Innisfree, so I will also write a bit about the fit of the sheet mask. The eye holes are a bit too narrow for me as the area directly under my eye is covered by the sheet mask (but maybe it is good against eye bags?). My forehead is not fully covered, while there is too much fabric on the jawline and particularly on the chin.

Innisfree It's real sheet mask fit

As my first try of one of the Innisfree sheet masks wasn't such a pleasant one due to the scent, I held off trying the others that I have. But as I believe that you should at least give something or someone a second chance, I have tested another Innisfree sheet mask that I will post a review of soon.

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