Review: Pandolio pandolietti limone (lemon cookies)

This time, I have opened this box of Pandolio lemon cookies from the Rome souvenirs. I think that lemons just taste the best in Italy, so I have very high expectations of this box of cookies. Just like the Alce Nero chocolate chip chocolate cookies, they have been made with olive oil.

Pandolio pandoliettu limone

They have used quite an unusual way to store the cookies. The box can be opened by sliding the drawer out and inside, there is the sealed, silver bag with the cookies. The shape of the bag makes it seems like a bag of snacks. But in some way, they really are as they are small bite-size cookies.

 opened box of Pandolio pandolietti limone

At first, I thought that the picture on the box was a mistake or something, because from looking at it, I thought that my brother had brought back a box of fried chicken. But the cookies really can easily be mistaken for small bits of fried chicken. ^_^ You just need to imagine that it is covered with salt instead of the actual sugar. (Seriously watched too much of the Korean television series, "You who came from the stars" ^_^)

Pandolio pandolietti limone (lemon cookies)

I really like the taste of these cookies since they have a really distinctive sweet lemon flavor, which isn't artificial at all. The cookies are also very buttery and crunchy, which is very to my liking. From the company's website, I saw that they also have these in the flavors: hazelnut & chocolate, salty union, salty classic, salty rosemary, yogurt, salty cheese, chocolate, and classic. I wish I could try those too. ^_^

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