Review: Peripera nail polish GR314 - Mint Meringue

Last year, I was very smitten by the Peripera Sweet Meringue nail polish collection and it didn't took me very long, before I had my hands on all four of them. It has taken me some time, but I can finally show them to you. I am aware that they are pretty spring colors, but I think it is still okay as summer with the bright and colorful colors hasn't fully shown itself yet. ^_^ I will first start with my favorite color, the Peripera nail polish GR314 - Mint Meringue.

Peripera nail polish GR314 - Mint Meringue bottle

Similar to the other Peripera nail polishes that I own, it has a wide and thick brush. I prefer using a smaller brush, but thanks to the great consistency (not too thick or watery), I had been able to apply the Peripera nail polishes quite well.

Peripera nail polish GR314 - Mint Meringue brush

The Peripera nail polish GR314 - Mint Meringue has a very pretty, milky mint color and with very small as well as large, white hexagonal glitters. Although it looks very pretty on my nails, I needed many tries and three coats to make them look this good. The consistency of the nail polish is not as good as with what I have been used to. It is very sheer and uneven with just one coat and you really have to use thin coats with a lot of waiting time in between each application.

Although you really need to take your time applying this nail polish (no rush jobs!), I really like the milky mint color and the white glitters floating in it. It makes my nails look like small, glossy jelly beans. ^_^

Peripera nail polish GR314 - Mint Meringue swatches

You don't smell it when it is still in the bottle, but when the nail polish dries on the nails, you can smell a very delightful, sweet, fruity (meringue?) scent that lingers for a day or so. I wasn't sure whether the older Peripera nail polishes had this scent too, but after testing one out, I confirmed that the scent really is different than the one they had before. 

With just a few glitters here and there, you might have thought - like me - that it should be easy to remove, but I had quite some trouble with removing the nail polish from my nails. Due to that, I have used the Peripera peel-off base coat each time and it surprisingly stayed on my nails quite well.

Peripera nail polish GR314 - Mint Meringue on nails
Peripera nail polish GR314 - Mint Meringue swatch

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