The orchids blooming at my house

My dad really loves to have all kinds of flowers and plants around the house. The ones that we have the most of are orchids. Despite my pollen allergy, I don't seem to react to those and they always have very bright and colorful flowers. Just looking at them makes me happy. ^_^

I don't know if is because of the unusual warm weather that we had in the Netherlands, but there were a lot more orchid flowers than normal. There were so many that the branch could almost not hold them anymore. 

purple pink orchids

The orchids that you see underneath are called dendrobium (I learned something new!). They have smaller flowers than the orchids that I am used to. 

purple dendrobium orchids
purple dendrobium orchids flower buds

While taking pictures, a small twig with a few flower buds fell off and I decided to put in a small plastic cup that I still had lying around. I was amazed to see that the flowers still blossomed the next day. ^_^

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