Tiffany (SNSD) for IPKN S/S 2014

I have never really paid much attention to the Korean brand IPKN as it used to have a more elegant, mature image. But ever since Tiffany from Girls Generation started to be the spokesmodel for them, the products have become cuter and girlier. I don't know how much influence she had in the creation of the products or if IPKN created the products in her style, but I share the same love for the color pink and anything that has to do with stars. For S/S 2014, they have created many pretty products and I will share the three products that I like the most.

IKPN has a line of eyeshadow pacts with four colors called Luxury Diamond in Eyes (12g) and for this Spring/Summer, they have added the newest color combination, no. 17 - Tiffany Aurora. With the pink and purple hues, you can create beautiful, romantic looks that would look great with a flowy, flower-print dress.

IPKN Starlight eyes kits

There are two IPKN Starlight eyes kits consisting of two eyeliners and one eyeshadow stick. Kit 1 contains a black and a burgundy red eyeliner and a light pink eyeshadow stick. Kit 2 contains a brown and a purple eyeliner and a gold eyeshadow stick. It is sometimes confusing to find out which colors match with each other when you see a whole range of eye makeup colors at a makeup counter, so it is great that they have created these kits. I also really like the cute star print on the packaging. 

IPKN Twinkle Finish Pact 

As you can see here and here, I really like anything related to stars (I also like a certain Korean professor coming from the stars ^_^). I don't use any pacts on a daily base, but I might start doing so, after seeing how cute this pact is. There is a star print on the lid of the pact and many stars in the powder pact itself. The name also seem to refer back to the hit song, Twinkle, from the sub-unit Taetiseo of which Tiffany is part of. 

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