Upgrade: Innisfree it's real sheet masks

I have just discovered that the Innisfree it's real sheet masks have undergone an upgrade and they are now called the Innisfree it's real squeeze masks (950 won each). I am not sure what the "squeeze" stands for as they still look like normal sheet masks to me. But what did make me excited is the beautiful packaging. They seem to have copied the style of food bloggers and created beautiful pictures with a clear view of the main ingredient, which is also inside of a wooden spoon (I have to remind myself to buy one of those ^_^). There are 15 different ingredients and they seem to have only kept the best-selling ones of the 20 different kinds that they used to have. For example, the broccoli sheet mask for anti-aging is missing. 

The bad news is that I have a whole stack of the old Innisfree it's real sheet masks lying around and I better review them, before they have gone totally outdated. So, I have set myself the goal to finish up all the sheet masks that you can see underneath (and this is just a small portion of the sheet masks that I have >_<). It feels extra refreshing to have them on my face during warm summer days, so I should be able to use them all by the end of the summer (wishful thinking ^_^).

my box of Korean sheet masks

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