Etude House Play Tropical Aqua Nails

Especially for the summer, Etude House has created a large collection of nail polishes called the Play Tropical Aqua Nails. Besides the 15 glitter nail polishes (3,000 won), there is also a range of normal nail polishes (2,500 won) with some bright summer colors, a pearly nail polish, 3 metallic nail polishes, and some that light up under black light. But since I don't really think that they are that special and because I like the glitter nail polishes more, I will only discuss these.

I think it is a nice touch to showcase some of the glitter nail polishes by applying them on bright colored sea shells in the promotional picture. What you might have also noticed is that the nail polish bottles have gotten a special ocean print with a seahorse, a fish, and a starfish.

The first 4 nail polishes are glitter nail polishes with a milky, pastel colored base, which I really like. They are similar to some of the Tony Moly nail polishes that I have, the Face Shop Lovely ME:EX yogurt nails, and the Etude House ice cream nail polishes from the Sweet Recipe collection. The third nail polish also looks a bit like the Modi Glam Nails nail polish 72 - Wild Strawberry. There is also another nail polish in this collection that is like that, but it is placed further down. The reason might be because it has special, neon, glow-in-the-dark glitters that light up under black light. That also explains its special name: purple jelly fish.

I also like the three transparent jelly nail polishes with glitters in them. The Lime green nail polish reminds me of the Etude House Juicy Cocktail gradation nails set 8 - Lime Squash.  

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