First Forever 21 haul

Officially, this isn't my first Forever 21 haul as I have already shopped at a Forever 21 store once before in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, but I haven't posted anything from that trip on my blog yet (and I am not sure if it will ever see the daylight with all the backlog that I have >_<). But at least, it is the first time that I have shopped at a Forever 21 store in my home country.

I don't know if you still remember since it is such a long time ago, but while I attended the pre-opening event of the Forever 21 store in Amsterdam, I also managed to do some shopping. I had to hold my camera with one hand and clutching the Forever 21 shopping bag at the same time, while I picked out some items with my free hand. But that didn't stop me from buying anything, especially with the 21% discount that we got on all purchases. ^_^

In this video, you can see what I bought at the Forever 21 store in Amsterdam for the first time (and that wasn't the only time that I shopped there ^_^).

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