Review: Albert Heijn Monkey Mania ice cream

Due to the recent tragedy that involved people that lived in my city and the fact that it has become so hot that I am already sweating just sitting still and not doing anything, I have not been blogging much. Just like last summer, I will try to get back to blogging regularly, starting with an ice cream review. Last year, I had already reviewed four Albert Heijn ice cream pints and I think I only have two more flavors left to try: Monkey Mania and Extreme Brownies. I wasn't too sure if I would like the Extreme Brownies flavor, so I only bought the Albert Heijn Monkey Mania ice cream.

Albert Heijn Monkey Mania ice cream

The ice cream comes in a paper pint with pretty pictures and letters.

Albert Heijn Monkey Mania ice cream pint

My opinion

The actual ice cream isn't as yellow as the packaging made me believe. I am actually relieved since I don't like too much coloring in my food. From the looks of it, the ice cream can almost be mistaken as vanilla ice cream, but it has a very rich, natural tasting banana flavor. It is almost as if they just froze a couple of banana's and mashed them (After looking on the pint, it actually contains 8.5% of pureed banana). Inside the ice cream, you can find pieces of walnut and small monkey head shaped dark chocolates. The walnuts were a bit bland and it would have been better if they had caramelized them. Strangely enough, some chocolate monkey heads were soft and some crispy. I am not sure if this is intentional or if it has turned bad (the pint was covered by a mountain of ice in the freezer of the supermarket). But I really liked the dark chocolate that had enough bitterness and the surprise I had with each bite, trying to figure out whether I had a soft or hard chocolate.

Albert Heijn Monkey Mania ice cream review

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