eSpoir lipstick Nowear G

Besides the Etude House Dear My Wish Lips Talk lipsticks, the Peripera Rouge Pang and Lumi Pang, and the Innisfree Creammellow lipsticks, I also have the eSpoir lipstick Nowear G (19,000 won) on my wishlist. All the beforementioned lipsticks have high pigmentation and glossiness in common, but the color selection of the eSpoir lipstick Nowear G looks the prettiest to me. I cannot imagine that I would dislike any of the colors. I also had a good experience with two lipsticks of previously released eSpoir Nowear lipstick lines (eSpoir Nowear touch lipstick PK009 and eSpoir Nowear sheer lipstick RD202), so I expect these to feel great on the lips too.

 The names of the eSpoir lipstick Nowear G shades are also very special:
1. Cherry Burn                                 6. Acid Kiss
2. Merlot                                          7. Sweetbrier
3. Love Cloud                                  8. Coral Calling
4. Love on air                                   9. Role Play
          5. Red Bang                                     10. Fast & Glamorous

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