Essence My skin skincare products

You might have noticed that I barely write about skincare on my blog, as I am too lazy to keep up with the skincare routine (every day and night! >_<) and I switch brands too often to write a good review. I have always had combination skin (oily t-zone and dry cheeks), but lately, I feel like I am starting to get more dry patches. So, I really need to pay more attention to my skin and moisturize more. For the coming months, I will try my hardest to completely finish and review all the skincare that I have at home. I will first start with these Essence My Skin skincare products that I received. 

Essence My Skin mattifying cleansing gel, mattifying cream, and cleansing pad.

Essence has recently renewed their My Skin skincare line and it has products targeted to normal, dry, and combination skin. For normal skin, the Essence My Skin products have a refreshing lime and cucumber scent and for dry skin, the products contain pomegranate and bamboo. I am going to try the skincare products for combination skin: the mattifying cleansing gel and mattifying cream, and they contain yummy lychee and blue grapes. I also received an interesting cleansing pad in the shape of a water drop.

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