Review: Ola Cornetto Cheesecake Glory

A couple of weeks ago, I was reading the Grazia magazine and it contained a coupon with which I could get a free Ola Cornetto Cheesecake Glory. It was a nice treat considering the tropical temperatures of around 30 degrees. I recall seeing this special Cornetto flavor in the shops before, but I have never eaten it, so I was quite curious about the taste.

Review: Cornetto Cheesecake Glory

Normal Cornetto's have a flat top, so I was surprised to see that it has a plastic, pointy cover at the top. The ice cream in the cone has a very pretty, soft serve ice cream like shape with on one side cheesecake ice cream and on the other strawberry ice cream. The cheesecake ice cream sounds more delicious than it is, as it has a bland, frozen whipped cream like flavor. The strawberry ice cream tastes better, but it has a very common strawberry ice cream flavor.

Cornetto Cheesecake Glory unwrapped

The sprinkles on top seem to be muffin crumbs with some small bits of chocolate, but they are what makes this Cornetto taste like cheesecake the most. The crumbs have a rich buttery flavor and a cheese cake base texture. Although I picked out the one with the most crumbs, not every bite of the ice cream had this delightful cheese cake taste. Maybe, it would be a nice idea to add a small bag of crumbs that you can sprinkle on the ice cream when you have made your way to the more inner parts of the ice cream.

Cornetto Cheesecake Glory top

There is another surprise in the center: a core of raspberry syrup. There is plenty of it inside, so every bite does get a bit of the raspberry syrup. It tastes very similar to strawberry syrup, so you don't have to worry about the sourness. 

 Cornetto Cheesecake Glory strawberry syrup center

Overall, I think they did quite a good job in creating a cheesecake in the form of an ice cream. You can find elements such as the raspberry sauce on top of a cheesecake, the cheesecake base, and the creamy center (which could still be improved).

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