Etude House Fantastic Color Eyes palettes

It has been quite some time ago since Etude House had released a new eyeshadow palette. I believe the last time I wrote about it, was the Etude House Play Color Eyes eyeshadow palettes in late 2013. I didn't buy those back then, since I had already invested in the Clio All That Eye Styler Kits that I have finally reviewed lately. But Etude House now has these two beautiful Fantastic Color Eyes eyeshadow palettes (14,000 won) that they have created for Halloween and the Autumn season: 1. Bloody Halloween and 2. Bohemian Soul. Will it take me another year before I find the time to review them too? ^_^

Etude House Fantastic Color Eyes 1 - Bloody Halloween

This eyeshadow palette has 5 powder eyeshadows and 1 cream eyeshadow (Zombie Kiss) that can also be used as a lip product. It contains beautiful pink, red, pale white, and purple shades that you can use to create girly Halloween looks with.

Etude House Fantastic Color Eyes 2 - Bohemian Soul

It is as if Etude House knew my disappointment in not getting a peachy orange shade in the Clio All That Eye Styler Kit 2 - Walk on the city and they created this eyeshadow palette for me. ^_^

The Etude House Fantastic Color Eyes 2 - Bohemian Soul eyeshadow palette contains peachy, gold, and brown shades that have a more Spring feeling to me, but I can imagine that you can create great looks with it that would look great with a bohemian print dark brown or fallen leaves red blouse. This eyeshadow palette also has one cream shadow shade (Apricot Jam), which can be used as a blush.

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