Recipe: red bean milk pudding

I really like milk pudding, especially when they have another flavor added to them. In Hong Kong, I can recommend the Milk Top puddings that you can get at the Sogo department store basement. However in the Netherlands, I can easily get my hands on great tasting milk, so I can make delicious milk pudding here myself. This time, I will make one that has a delicious red bean flavor.

For this recipe, I will use the same red bean mixture that I made for the red bean popsicles and the red bean ice cube drink (紅豆冰).

red bean milk pudding

How to make red bean milk pudding

 - First, soak up a few sheets of gelatin in water for 5 minutes. Afterwards, squeeze out the excess water. The number of gelatin sheets that you need to use depends of the amount of mixture that you still have left. In my case, it was two.

- Boil the red bean mixture, as you want to get softer red beans for in the milk pudding and you also need warm liquid to melt the gelatin sheets in.

- Add the gelatin sheets and use a spoon to gently stir the mixture.

- When you are satisfied with the softness of the red beans, you can take the pan off the stove and pour the mixture in bowls. Let it cool down a bit and then place the bowls in the refrigerator.

I made the milk puddings in the afternoon and I was able to eat them after dinner, so I think about 6 hours in the fridge should be enough. As you can see in the picture, I added too many red beans and I think it is better to keep a 1:1 ratio with the milk pudding and red beans. This time, it is better not to be too generous with the red bean. ^_^  

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