Review: Albert Heijn (AH) donuts

This week, the muffins and donuts at the Albert Heijn supermarket are 50% off and I had already bought the delicious double chocolate muffin earlier in the week (and I forgot to take any pictures of that ^_^). You could also get the apple cinnamon muffin or the vanilla muffin with chocolate chips, but the chocolate muffin with chocolate chips is my favorite. Today, I bought the box with 5 colorful donuts. There is also a box with plain, sugared donuts, if you don't like frosting. 

Albert Heijn AH donuts

My favorites are the dark pink donut with strawberry flavored frosting and white sprinkles (not pictured as it was already taken by someone else ^_^) and the dark brown, chocolate covered donut in the picture that has a coat of crispy chocolate that keeps the donut from getting soggy. The frosting on top of the other donuts tend to melt and make the donut become wet and soggy. However, I still think that they could have used a dark, more bitter chocolate. If those two are already picked out by someone else, I would pick the yellow donut with dark chocolate sprinkles, which has a banana flavored frosting. The final two donuts are the ones with white frosting as they just have a plain sugary taste. Out of the two, I would prefer the one with colorful sprinkles instead of the one with chocolate sprinkles as they at least have a hint of fruitiness.

I think that the Albert Heijn donuts taste quite good, but I don't really have anything to compare them with. I can't really recall that I have eaten donuts from some place else. But I heard that Dunkin' Donuts are coming back to the Netherlands, so I might try them out. Update: Dunkin' Donuts finally arrived in the Netherlands in 2017. You can read my review of their donuts here.

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