Douglas Zaandam store re-opening event

Last week, I was invited to the festive re-opening event of the Douglas store in Zaandam. It is quite a large store with beauty products from many interesting makeup brands. I was given an introduction to the top products of Origins, Swatchbox, and Benefit. One of the more memorable products is the Origins Clean Energy Gentle cleansing oil, which you apply on dry skin and add warm water to transform the non-sticky and light oil into a milky lotion. After rinsing it off with some water, my skin felt really soft. I was also given a small tube of the Origins Drink Up Intensive, which is an overnight mask. With my dry skin, I really enjoy trying out new moisturizing products and I am surprised to discover a Western version of the Asian sleeping mask.

re-opening large Douglas Zaandam store

I also had a sniff of the new unisex scent, Girl by Pharrell Williams. It is a somewhat strong, spicy scent that holds up for quite some time. I generally prefer light and sweet, fruity scents, but since I received a sample of this fragrance, I will see if it will grow on me.

The highlight of the event was the Douglas Color Expert machine with which you can find out your skin tone number and receive a selection of face products, such as foundation and bronzer, that is a perfect match with your skin. The machine works as follows: the saleslady will use the machine to take a small picture of your skin in three areas (forehead, side of your face, and under your chin) to get a overall view of your skin tone. A corresponding skin tone number will come out on the machine. In my case, it was W107 (see display in the picture). By typing that code number in the search bar of the Douglas website, you will get a whole list of recommended face products of many different brands that will match your skin tone. It makes (online) shopping for the right color of foundation a lot easier and you can also use it to see if there is a match for you with newly released face products without having to personally go to the store to try it out on your skin. Of course, you cannot blindly trust the recommendations, but it at least helps you get a great starting point to go lighter or darker from.   

The face product that was recommended to me, was the Smashbox Liquid Halo HD Foundation shade 2 - warm vanilla for fair/light complexions. It looked very flawless on me, but it couldn't really cover the redness of a small pimple mark. It also broke me out a bit, but it could have also been the blusher that was applied afterwards. It isn't really the fault of the products as I just have very sensitive skin.

Douglas color expert machine, determine your skin tone and matching face products.

While I waited for my turn with the machine, I snapped some quick pictures of the large cosmetics displays in the store. Black Up isn't a brand that I am familiar with, but it has a great range of bold colors.

Black Up cosmetics display

 I also looked at the new products from Clinique and Estée Lauder.

Clinique and Estée Lauder display

I swear, I could really hear these lip glosses calling my name. ^_^

Chanel lip glosses levres scintillantes glossimer

In the end, I didn't buy one of the Chanel lip glosses, but I went home with a small goodiebag and a lot of interesting information to write about.

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