Lip Smacker originals collection review

When I saw this Lip Smacker originals set at the Bijenkorf (a department store in the Netherlands), it spiked my curiosity and I went ahead and bought my first Lip Smackers. I could have also bought a set with Coca Cola flavors, but I wasn't sure if I would like all the flavors. 

Lip Smacker originals collection review

At the Ici Paris XL online shop, you can buy one Lip Smacker for €1.82 (originals) and for €2.28 (Coca cola flavors). Compared to that, €8 for 8 Lip Smackers is quite a good deal, but I saw that the Ici Paris XL also has a Coca Cola Party pack with 8 lip balms for €9.14. So, I have only saved about one euro.

I really like the colorful packaging and the print in different colors. But the packaging is flimsier than I thought. The sticks look very similar to the empty lip balm sticks that you can buy on eBay for DIY lip balm making. The sticker wrapped around the stick is however very well made and it doesn't peel off or lose color very fast. You can easily put one in your purse without worrying that it will look awful over time.

Lip Smacker originals caps

Even though the Lip Smackers all have a different color, it does not show on the lips. They all just give your lips a glossy, transparent coat.

Lip Smacker originals colors

I mainly bought these Lip Smackers for the colorful packaging and the scent, so let's see what I think about the scents.

Cotton candy: I tried this one first as I liked the scent the most. It has a nice vanilla-strawberry scent.
Tropical Punch:  I think I smell something like papaya, but it is not my favorite.
Strawberry: a very nice strawberry scent without being too overly sweet.
Kiwi: a mild kiwi scent that reminds me a bit of cucumber.
Watermelon: a great watermelon candy scent. One of my favorites.
Mango: you can really smell the slight bitterness and sourness of a real mango. They did quite a good job on that.
Wild raspberry: it smells more like blue grapes to me, but still very nice.
Vanilla: a simple, basic vanilla scent, which is great for people that don't like too many frills.

My opinion

It feels very smooth, non-sticky, and moisturizing on the lips, but strangely, I still feel something on my lips for hours. I don't know how to explain it properly, but it gives my lips a strange lip plumbing sensation, while my lips do not look any different. For this reason, I am not sure if I will be using these very often.

 Lip Smacker originals lip balms

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