Lush Winter 2014 collection

After the Lush Winter 2013 collection disappeared from the Lush stores, I had been counting the days until I could find out what kind of new products they will release the following Christmas. I almost started this blog post with "Dear Santa", as this has started to look like my wishlist (included a lot of pictures so that there won't be any mistakes!) with all the presents that I want Santa to gift me.

Lush Christmas 2014 collection: shower jelly, shower gels, and body dusting powder

The adorable Lush Snowman jelly (€6.45) on the left almost looks like a delicious milk pudding in the shape of a snowman (with a cute belly button), but it really isn't food, so don't put in your mouth. It has the same carrot scent as the Lush Carrot bubble bar from the Easter collection, so a mistake is easily made.

Besides the amazing Snow Fairy and Rose Jam shower gel, two more shower gels will be available during the winter season: So White and Hot Toddy. The Lush So White shower gel (€7.95 for 100g) has a shimmery, white color and it has the same scent as the So White bath bomb, so even people without a bath can now enjoy this refreshing and fruity scent with apple, rose, and bergamot. The Lush Hot Toddy shower gel (€7.95 for 100g) has a deep red color with gold shimmers and it will make you feel like you are in a Christmas market, wrapping you with the warm scent of ginger and cinnamon leaf.

After a shower, you can use the Lush First Snow dusting powder (€8.95 for bottle of 30g) that makes it look like as if thousands of sparkly, little snowflakes (with a sweet orange, cognac, and lime scent) has landed on your body. It has the same scent as the Golden Wonder bath bomb and the Celebrate body lotion.

Talking about bath bombs, there are two new bath bombs this year: Dashing Santa and Butterbear. Lush Dashing Santa (€4.95) is inspired by the annual Santa Dash in Liverpool and it has a refreshing satsuma scent. Lush Butterbear (€3.95) has the scent of freshly baked, vanilla cake (the same as the Lush Butterball bath bomb) and the nourishing cocoa butter is going to protect your skin from the winter cold. The Lush Christmas hedgehog (€5.75) is a bubble bar with the same scent as the Noriko soap, softening your skin with organic shea and cocoa butters. Lush Drummers drumming (€8.95) is a reusable bubble bar with a sweet strawberries and cream scent, similar to the Lush Strawberry Feels Forever massage bar. Lush Holly Go Lightly (€6.95) is a metallic silver bubble bar with a spicy patchouli scent.

Lush Christmas 2014 collection: bath bombs and bubble bars

Of course, it wouldn't be a complete Lush Winter collection without some interesting soaps. There are three new soaps: Baked Alaska, Yog Nog, and Reindeer Rock. Lush Baked Alaska soap (€5.95 for 100g) has the shape of a giant snow ball with a extremely colorful center. Sadly, you cannot take the whole thing home as you only get a small slice of it. This soap has a refreshing scent of lemon, grapefruit, and ylang ylang. For the creation of the Lush Yog Nog soap (€5.95 for 100g), Lush used their own egg nogg recipe containing soy yogurt, clove bud oil, and ylang ylang, topped with real cocoa powder. The Lush Reindeer Rock soap (€5.95) is a shimmery, berry red soap with reindeers embossed on it. It has a delicious berry scent due to the many lingonberries that it contains.   

The Lush Snow Angel (€6.25) is a bath melt with a light floral and marzipan scent. It will create a moisturizing foam bath with small gold glitters floating on top. Lastly, I would like to ask you, "Do you want to build a snowman?" It is possible to do that in a bath now with the Lush Snowman FUN kit which contains all the Lush FUN you need to make one. After playing around, you can use the end product as a solid shampoo, bubble bar and soap.

Lush Christmas 2014 collection: soaps, snowman FUN kit, and bath melt

 Since it is still quite some time before it is Christmas, let's indulge in the Lush Halloween 2014 goodies first.

Lush Halloween 2014

The Lush Northern Lights and Sparkler (€4.95 each) are interesting bath bombs in the shape of a stick. I especially want to try the Lush Northern Light bath bomb as both sides of the stick dissolves first, creating a whirlpool of purple, pink, green, blue, and yellow colors, reminiscent of the Northern Lights. The star glitters in it also look very pretty. The Lush Sparkler creates a crackling and fizzling, yellow bubble bath with a Lush Rose Jam scent.  

The Lush Pumpkin Bubble bar (€5.75) can easily be used as a Halloween decoration and thrown into a bath after a long day of trick and treating. It has a spicy fruit scent, similar to the Lush Mr Punch soap. The Lush Wizard bubble bar (€6.25) with a shimmery blue-purple hat can also help you cast the weariness away with an energizing tangerine scent.   

Finally, there is the Lush Fairy Ring soap (€6.95 for 100g) that sadly doesn't look like the cute orange, mushroom house, when you take one piece home. You are most likely to only get one small slice from the mushroom roof. I was surprised to find out that it actually contains real mushroom (shiitake to be precise), which is said to be filled with nutrients, improves blood circulation, and is antibacterial. Luckily, it doesn't smell like mushrooms too. It has a sweet, floral scent from the Jasmine absolute, ylang ylang, and vetivert oils.

All pictures are from Lush and they were edited by me. I am aware that there are some spelling mistakes in them, but it would take me too much time to change them. I hope it doesn't bother you too much.

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