Oral-B pro 600 Cross Action electric tooth brush review

Oral-B had launched a new range of PRO electric toothbrushes and I received the Oral-B pro 600 Cross Action electric tooth brush to try out. Compared to the previous model, these new electric toothbrushes now have 3D brushing movements instead of 2D. I am not sure what exactly they mean by that, but I think that the electric toothbrushes now do more than just clean a flat surface and brushes by wrapping around a tooth. As it was the first time that I used an electric toothbrush, I was really curious to find out if I would really get cleaner teeth from using it. I also received a tube of the Oral-B Pro-Expert Multi-Protection toothpaste (and 5 travel sizes to give out to friends), so I could get started right away.

Oral-B pro 600 Cross Action electric tooth brush review
 Oral-B pro 600 Cross Action electric tooth brush*

The new Oral-B Cross Action brush head has brush hairs in a 16 degrees angle and the inner and outer circles go in two opposite directions. The difference in length of the brush hairs also helps it reach the difficult areas in between the teeth.

Oral-B Cross Action brush head

The large blue button on the front of the electric tooth brush is the on/off button.

Oral-B pro 600 Cross Action electric tooth brush timer and on button

Made of the same blue rubber, are the two side strips that help you get more grip and the "minus" shape in the back that makes it possible for you to put the electric toothbrush down horizontally, without worrying about it rolling away.

 Oral-B pro 600 Cross Action electric tooth brush rubber parts

 The benefits of using the Oral-B pro 600 Cross Action electric tooth brush

- The electric tooth brush creates 8,800 rotations/minute and 20,000 pulsations/minute.

- It has a 2 minute timer and every 30 seconds, you will hear a beep that reminds you to start brushing another quadrant of your teeth. The last longer beep will be heard after 2 minutes, telling you that you can stop brushing your teeth. But somehow, I have actually never heard any of the beeps. The 30 seconds beep might be too soft to be heard over the loud brushing sounds and I could have never brushed my teeth longer than 2 minutes.

- The brushing pressure sensor stops the pulsating movements of the electric tooth brush, when you apply too much pressure or when something very lightly obstructs its movements. That's why you can feel assured that you won't cause damage to you teeth and gums by brushing your teeth.

- It removes 100% more plaque than a normal tooth brush.

My opinion

It was the first time that I used an electric toothbrush and they say it is normal to notice some bleeding of the gums on the first few days. I did had that problem the first few times that I used it, but luckily, it wasn't painful at all. I did notice that my teeth felt very clean afterwards; not as squeaky clean as after a visit to a dentist, but noticeably less plaque. I don't know if it is because there is less plaque on my teeth, but after eating a meal, I feel that there isn't as much residue clinging on the surface of my teeth. My teeth stay comparatively cleaner for quite a long time, during the day. The vibrations and the loud noise took some time to get used to, but it is starting to feel more normal now. However, I am still very conscious of the noise that it makes and I try not to use it in the middle of the night (as in: past midnight and everyone is likely to be fast asleep).

After a couple of uses, my teeth started to get very sensitive to cold from using the Oral-B Pro-Expert Multi-Protection toothpaste. I am not sure if this effect will weaken over time, but I stopped using it after a week, since I cannot bear not drinking or eating anything cold any longer. Afterwards, I used the toothpaste that I am used to with the Oral-B pro 600 Cross Action electric tooth brush and the results are just as good. 

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