Recipe: peaches and pudding

I don't know if you can really consider this a recipe, as I didn't make the pudding myself. But I hope that it could at least act as an inspiration for people that want to recreate this colorful and delicious dessert. So even though I used a pudding that I bought from the supermarket, you can also make one yourself and with the flavors that you want. I think a milk pudding with chocolate sauce would be great too.

For the people living in the Netherlands, it can be an idea to serve the Mona pudding (which I have written about before, over here and here) this way for parties and dinners. It can also be a quick and easy treat to yourself after a long work day.

flat peaches strawberry sauce Mona pudding dessert

For this recipe, I used flat peaches, which I have eaten a lot during the summer. I really like the sweet taste that they have and I prefer the crunchy ones over the soft ones.

flat donut saturn peaches

I also used the Mona vanilla pudding with strawberry sauce, which is my all-time favorite.

flat peaches red sauce pudding dessert

How to make this dessert?

- Pull off the sticker on the bottom of the Mona pudding container. By doing this, air will get into the bottom of the container, making it easier to get the pudding out in one piece.

- Cut the pudding in half and use a flat cake tool (does this have an actual name?) to lift the other half and place it on another plate.

- Pour some of the left-over strawberry sauce on the plate, where you want the place the flat peaches. 

- Wash the flat peaches.

- Cut the flat peaches in 6 parts and add them to the 2 plates that have the half pieces of pudding on them.

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