Review: Babyliss Curl Secret

Ever since its release, I had been very curious about the Babyliss Curl Secret. A machine that can suck in a strand of hair and spit it out perfectly curled, wouldn't that be perfect? When I was asked if I would like to try it out for two weeks, I couldn't answer anything but yes, of course! While I waited for it to arrive, I started to feel a bit reluctant as I saw a lot of reviews online saying that their hair got caught into the machine. Although I did feel a bit scared, I fearlessly placed a strand of hair from the side of my face into the Babyliss Curl Secret, right after it arrived, and started curling. Luckily, I didn't had to use any scissors to free me from the machine. I did had 2-3 times that I got the warning beeps (a couple of hairs from the sides of the strand, sneaked into the machine), but I was able to solve that and get my hair out just by releasing the lid or moving the closed machine a little bit in order for the loose hairs that came in from the sides (not the original strand of hair that I intended to put into the machine) to be less tight. 

I have relatively thick hair that is naturally wavy and the Babyliss Curl Secret works for me quite well. Just by braiding my hair, it already gives me a lot of curls, so I am not sure if you will get the same results when you have very straight and/or thin hair.

You can see how the curling with the Babyliss Curl Secret went in this video.

The instructions that was added with the Babyliss Curl Secret wasn't really clear to me, so I have written some information down that will help you get beautiful curls with it, without any problems.


  • Divide your hair in two and place the hair on the both sides of your head, resting on your shoulders. Thoroughly brush your hair a few times until there are no tangles. Use a heat protective hair spray and let it dry a bit. 
  • Grab a strand of hair that has a width of maximum 3 cm. Vary in the width and thickness of the strands to get a more natural look. Make sure that from the scalp onwards, no loose hairs join the strand of hair from the side. Loosely hold onto the strand of hair, while you place it in the triangular shaped notch. The machine will gently pull it out your hand, when you close the lid. Hold onto it tightly as even releasing it for a little bit, might cause the machine to restart the curling process and over-heat your hair.  Also, check each time you start curling another strand of hair that you can see the hole in the machine (where the strand of hair comes out of) and that the thin lid is on top.
  • When you hear the quick beeping, you can release it and slowly pull the machine downwards to get the curled hair out.    

Some extra info that I left out of the video:

  • With the slider on the left, you can set the timer on 8 seconds (loose curls), 10 seconds (firmer curls), or 12 seconds (very curly hair). 
  • With the slider on the right, you can set the temperature on I (210°C for thin to normal hair, or colored hair) and II (230°C for normal to thick hair). 
  •  I set the timer on 12 seconds and 210°C in the video, as I have colored hair. I had also tried setting it on 8 seconds and 230°C and I got very natural looking, wavy hair.
  • You could see some smoke coming from my hair in the video, but that might have been the hair spray that I applied beforehand. My hair didn't feel dry or unusual afterwards, so I assume it didn't get burned/damaged.
  • It took me about 20 minutes to curl all my hair. It might take you shorter or longer, depending on the amount of hair that you have. I think it will also take you a lot less time, when you become more experienced with it.  
  • The Babyliss Curl Secret automatically shuts itself off, after a certain amount of time of not using it. You might think that it isn't that important, but I really forgot to shut it off once (too busy with the aftercare for the hair). It also has a rotating cord, so it doesn't get tangled up while curling.

Extra advice: 

  • You don't really have to curl every strand of hair from the scalp. Only the hair on top of your hair and at the sides of your face might need that. I curled most of my hair starting from the middle of the strand and that looked quite okay. 
  • Afterwards, I noticed that my hair got a bit dry and frizzy (it was partially my own fault as I ruffled it up for more volume). So, on top of the heat protective hair spray beforehand, I also recommend to use some sort of hair spray that gives your hair a bit of shine, after the curling.   

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