Unboxing: MEMEBOX Special #16 OMG box + Giveaway

I have heard of the MEMEBOX before from other beauty bloggers, so I was very excited to open my first MEMEBOX: the MEMEBOX Special #16 OMG box. It was shipped in a plastic, bubble wrap bag and the fuchsia pink box itself is very sturdy. Even though there wasn't much bubble wrap inside, all the products arrived undamaged.

Unboxing: MEMEBOX Special #16 OMG box
MEMEBOX Special #16 OMG box*

Inside each MEMEBOX, there is a small card listing all the products that are in the box with a short description of them. After reading the card, I realized that all the products inside the box happened to be full-sized products and that there were no (deluxe) samples. I could also find every product sold in their online shop, so if I really like one of the products I can easily re-purchase.

Unboxing: MEMEBOX Special #16 OMG box

This is the list of products inside the MEMEBOX Special #16 OMG box:
- SKINAZ Premium Vitablet (39)
- SKINAZ The Kissable 24H Lip Tattoo (13 g)
- Pure Smile 3 step Bust Pack (1 set)
- Elizavecca Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask (100 g)
- Ladykin Aqua Exfoliator for body (150 ml)

I will review each of the products soon and add the link to them above.

At first glance: it is a well-balanced beauty box with products in large enough size to thoroughly test until you are convinced. There is something for the lips, face, and body (and the bust!). I am quite interested in the Elizavecca Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask that is said to create bubbles on your skin and cleanse your pores. I am also very happy to have two new lip products to try out.

Where to buy?

Unfortunately, the MEMEBOX Special #16 OMG box is already sold out. But there are many other interesting boxes that you can buy at Memebox.com


MEMEBOX is a beauty box shipped from Korea, in which you can find 4-8 full-size beauty products and deluxe samples. It is not a subscription service, as you can just buy the boxes that you are interested in. You don't know what exactly is in the boxes beforehand (besides the theme maybe), so it is a big surprise when you open it. It mostly contains beauty products from Korea, so you are sure to get introduced to a brand that you have never heard or tried before. There are currently 3 kinds of boxes: the normal MEMEBOX, the SUPERBOX with only full-sized products, and the COLLABORATION boxes featuring the favorite items of a style icon. If you like what you got in your MEMEBOX, you can also try to find the full-sized product in their online shop. The MEMEBOX ships to 51 countries internationally, so check the list on their website to see if your country is included. 

Giveaway (closed)

Number of winners: 3
First place winner: a $23 box of your choice + shipping (given as 30 meme points)
Second and third place winners: free standard shipping (given as 7 meme points)
For the people that didn't win: all new sign-ups get 3 meme points (equal to $3) to spend on their next purchase. To get $5 discount, you can use the October coupon code WGWB.
Duration: 13 October - 20 October 2014
Rules: You can join as many MEMEBOX giveaways as you want, but you can only win once during this period. This giveaway is only open for people with a new MEMEBOX account.

 Joining this giveaway is very simple, just follow these steps:

- Follow me on Bloglovin' and/or Facebook.
- Create an account on Memebox.com . Make sure that your shipping information is correct and that you are subscribed to their newsletter, so that they can notify you as the winner through email and send you your prize.
- Pick a lucky number (make sure that it is not already taken by someone else) and write it down in the comments, together with your username on Bloglovin' and/or Facebook and the answer to this question: What was the last thing, person, beauty product, or experience that made you scream: OMG! ?

How will the three winners be chosen?
I will pick the winners on 21 October 2014 by writing the numbers on small pieces of paper and after mixing them up, I will take three out. The three winners will be notified and awarded by MEMEBOX, before 25 October 2014.  

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