Marks and Spencer Family Favorites meal deal

Last weekend, I planned a shopping day with my mom in The Hague and of course, I had to have a look at the M&S store and its large Food Hall. It was the first time I visited the M&S store in The Hague, whereas the one in Amsterdam has been visited by me, every time I had something in Amsterdam. The large amount of food was very overwhelming and I couldn't resist putting everything that looked delicious in my shopping cart. The other M&S food that I bought will be shown on my blog later, but today, I will first show you what items I picked out for the Family Favorites meal deal.

Until 18 November, you can buy the Family Favorites meal deal for €15 in the M&S Food Halls in The Hague and Amsterdam. The deal consists of two mains, two side dishes, and one dessert.

Two M&S mains: Double Cheese & Ham and Spicy Fajita Chicken Stone Baked Pizza's

Marks and Spencer (M&S) Double Cheese and Ham Stone Baked Pizza

The tender British ham looked very delicious and it is a very safe choice (you cannot possibly go wrong with ham, mozzarella, and cheddar), so I first picked the Marks and Spencer Double Cheese & Ham Stone Baked Pizza.

Marks and Spencer (M&S) Spicy Fajita chicken Stone Baked Pizza

As the large pieces of marinated chipotle chicken looked particularly tasty, I also choose the Marks and Spencer Spicy Fajita Chicken Stone Baked Pizza, even though I am not really good with spicy food. 

Two M&S sides: Trattoria Pantofola

For the two side dishes, I grabbed two of the Marks and Spencer Trattoria Pantofola. There wasn't much choice left as the olives that I wanted were sold out and there was also a pack of mini garlic butter buns, but the Pantofola looked more tempting.   

Marks and Spencer (M&S) Trattoria Pantofola bread

Marks and Spencer (M&S) Trattoria Pantofola

One M&S dessert: Lemon Meringue Pie

I really love any food with zesty lemon in it, so when I saw this Marks and Spencer Lemon Meringue pie, I had to give it a try. It has a buttery crust, soft lemon filling and a thick layer of meringue on top. The picture on the box looks seriously mouthwatering.

Marks and Spencer (M&S) Lemon Meringue Pie

This is a really great deal, as with another bag of potato wedges or oven fries, you can actually create two evening meals. It can all go in the oven and you can have a quick, easy, and tasty meal for two days. Except for the Double Cheese & Ham Stone Baked Pizza, I made everything on my little brother's birthday. You can expect the pictures on my blog soon.

These are the two meals that I made: meal 1 and meal 2.

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