Review: 100% Bananarama juice

I once received a 500 ml carton of the 100% Bananarama banana-carrot-apple juice in a goodie bag from one of the events that I attended and I kept forgetting to write something about it on my blog. I drank carrot juice for the first time in a restaurant in China, while I was on vacation. Although I didn't like the flavor that much as it tasted like 100% carrot juice, but I drank it anyway as I don't shy away from anything healthy. The waitress kept refilling my glass, seeing that I drank the first glass in one gulp (I must like it a lot!). So, I didn't start the testing with a good feeling towards carrot juice.

100% bananarama banaan-wortel-appelsap in coca cola glas

The 100% Bananarama juice contains 100% juice without any artificial flavorings, colorants, sweeteners, preservatives, and added sugar. On the side of the carton you can see that it contains: apple juice (40%), carrot juice (34%), orange juice (12%), banana (12%), and lemon (2%). For a fruit-slash-vegetable juice, it tastes really good. You mainly taste the sweet apple juice with the thickness from the banana and the orange color from the carrot and orange juice. Even people that don't like the taste of carrots, might still like this drink. However, I prefer to taste a little bit more of the carrot.
100% bananarama banaan-wortel-appelsap in coca cola glas

If you think that 500 ml cartons is just not enough for you (and your family members). You can find the organic juices from the brand 100% in 1 liter cartons in the Albert Heijn supermarkets around early December.

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