Review: LUSH Angel's Delight soap

Last winter, I finally made my first LUSH Christmas purchases and I was the most curious about the Angel's Delight soap. It looked the prettiest among all the LUSH Winter 2013 soaps that I could find in the store. I happened to stumble upon a piece of soup that had all the pretty elements of the Angel's Delight soap and you don't get that often. Mostly, you would only get a piece that is mainly pink, blue, or yellow. So even if I had to pay €7.74 for just 130 g of soap (€59.50/kg!), I had to have it.

Review: LUSH Angel's Delight body soap

Underneath, you can have a closer look of the almost aurora like color shifting that can be found in the Angel's Delight soap. There are bits of yellow, pink, blue, purple, and green.

LUSH Angel's Delight body soap - beautiful aurora effect

On the bottom of the soap, you can find many star glitters and on the piece that I got, there were also these snow flakes. It made the soap look like a painting of a snowy, winter night at the beach.

LUSH Angel's Delight body soap - star glitters and snow flakes

 On top of the LUSH Angel´s Delight soap, there is also a lost star glitter.

LUSH Angel's Delight body soap - star glitter

I also got quite a large bit of the yellow moon that is on top of the Angel's Delight soap. 
Edit: I think the yellow part isn't part of the moon after all, since I remember it to be more orange/gold like. The yellow part might just be one of the yellow rectangular pieces in the soap, but it is still very nourishing. When you pick out a piece of LUSH soap, always pick one that has some parts that are fully opaque and with a white, creamy base. This will make the soap more moisturizing to your skin.

LUSH Angel's Delight soap
This picture is from LUSH.

LUSH Angel's Delight body soap - yellow moon part

My opinion

The yellow part seems to make the soap creamier and more nourishing to the skin. But it is not as creamy as the Neon Love soap from the LUSH Valentine's day collection that I reviewed earlier this year. I also needed to swipe the soap a few more times on the shower puff to create enough foam to shower with. It has a delicious, powdery sugar scent with hints of sweet citrus and fruity berry. I think some people might not like this soap that much, because they didn't get every part of the soap. If you got too much of the yellow part, you mainly smell the strange milky (or is it soy?) scent, and you need to have a good balance between the pink and blue to get the right fruity scent that I love so much. Due to the refreshing citrus, it isn't too overly sweet, and a great scent to wake yourself up with. It smells the best in the shower, leaving a slight sweetness on the skin. I am still feeling a bit sad that I can't buy it this year, since I only have two small bits left. Maybe, the LUSH Baked Alaska soap of this year´s LUSH Winter collection could act as a temporary replacement (Please bring it back next year!). I read that it has a similar scent to the LUSH Snow Globe soap, but appearance wise, it is like the neon version of the Angel's Delight soap.   

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