Review: Mentos Strawberry Mix

I discovered that there is a new (at least, new to me) Mentos flavor in the supermarkets and I could not wait to try the Mentos Strawberry Mix. Strawberry is my favorite flavor in a roll of Mentos Fruit and I think they once made a Mentos roll with just strawberry candies. Although initially it seemed like a dream come true to me, I got sick of the strawberry flavor, before I could finish the whole roll of Mentos. Now that there are three different flavors of strawberry, this problem should be solved.

review: mentos strawberry mix

In the supermarket, you can buy the Mentos Strawberry Mix in a pack of four rolls. At first, I thought that each roll had one of the strawberry flavors, but one roll actually contains all three flavors in random order.

mentos strawberry mix: sweet, original, and sour

I was a bit worried that the strawberry candies would taste too similar, but they really have a distinct flavor. The sweet strawberry candies (the very light pink, almost white candies) taste like sweet strawberry - just as the name suggests- , without a hint of sourness. The original strawberry candies (light pink candies) taste just like the ones in a roll of Mentos Fruit. I am sure most people should know how they tastes like. The sour strawberry candies (dark pink candies) were sour, but not to the extend that it makes you squint, just sweet-sour. It tastes really similar to the original strawberry candies as they also have some sourness. But the difference is that when you chew on the sour strawberry candies, you immediately get a rush of sourness in your mouth.

mentos strawberry mix: sweet, original, and sour candies

If I have to pick my favorite, it would be the sour strawberry candies, because I normally prefer sour food over sweet food. But all three strawberry flavors are really tasty. They might be a bit on the sweet side, but if it wasn't sweet, it wouldn't be called candy.

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