Ciaté Mini Mani Month door 4 : miss mistletoe

Continuing on from the Ciaté nail polish PP106 - hopscotch, which I found behind door 3 of last year's Ciaté Mini Mani Month, I now have the Ciaté "nail polish" behind door 4. At first glance, I really thought that it was a bottle of glitter nail polish, but it is actually a nail polish bottle filled with loose sequins. When I screw off the cap, the glitters flew out, almost like magic. I was really surprised. ^_^

I tried sprinkling the sequins on top of the other Ciaté nail polishes that I was swatching at the time, but the results weren't very pretty. After two more attempts, I found a clear Ciaté top coat behind door 10 and that became my savior. I first applied one coat of the Ciaté speed coat on the nails, sprinkled the sequins from the tips of the nails to more inwards, and then sealed everything with another coat of the Ciaté speed coat.

These Ciaté sequins look quite nice on bare nails. It kind of reminds me of sheer party dresses with many small flower or crystal applications.

I almost went insane trying to take the best pictures of these yellow, pink, and red metallic sequins with the festive name, miss mistletoe. But then I opened door 4 of the Ciaté Mini Mani Month again and saw the quote: "Don't be bitter, glitter." It really is a waste of time to stay bitter. You can better be happy and glitter as much as diamonds. It wasn't that hard after succeeding in creating the sparkly nails that you just saw above. ^_^ 


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