Birthday cake recipe: forest fruit whipcream cake with green tea cream

I had my birthday on 14th January and because in the Netherlands, it is difficult to I get my hands on a birthday cake that has green tea cream in it, I decided to make my own. The good thing is that I can put whatever I like in it (I never had a cake that I liked all elements of ^_^), but I spend so much time and energy on it that I couldn't really leisurely enjoy the cake afterwards. Why did I have to make myself so tired on such a happy and great day? ^_^

Birthday cake recipe: forest fruit whipcream cake with green tea cream

What you need

- three layers of cake. You can make your own, but I choose the lazy way and bought it at the supermarket for just €1.49.
- whip cream (€0.95)
- forest fruit (or any other fruit that you like). I bought a box of frozen forest fruits from the Albert Heijn supermarket, which contains strawberry, blueberry, cherry, raspberry, and red berries. (€1,55)
- strawberry jam (€1.03)
- green tea powder (already have some at home)
- white chocolate flakes or any other cake decoration that you prefer (also found some at home)
- bag of large pastel colored marshmallows (€0,89)

Albert Heijn taart ingrediënten

 How I made the cake

  1.  I first took out the three layers of cake from the plastic packaging. It was a lot more difficult than I thought as the three layers stuck together and I couldn't take them off without breaking some parts. Using a flat knife to cut them loose helped a bit.
  2. Take a large plate and place the first layer on it. I planned to have one layer of strawberry jam and whip cream and another layer of green tea whip cream, so I started with the one that seems heavier. I first used a knife to spread out a layer of strawberry jam and on top, a layer of whip cream.
  3. Place the second layer on top of it. On this layer, I spread out the whip cream that I had mixed with some green tea powder.
  4. Place the final layer on top of that and then, spread the leftover whip cream on the sides and on top of the stacked cake. 
  5. Place the fruit on top and sprinkle the white chocolate flakes on the outer circle.
  6. Take out the different pastel pink-white-orange-yellow marshmallows and gently stick then on the sides on the cake. 
  7. Finished!
forest fruit whipcream cake with green tea cream

 What do I think ?

The forest fruit matched really well with the strawberry jam in between the cake layers, but the forest fruit was very sour. It would have been better if I sprinkled some icing sugar on top of the fruit or put a layer of the strawberry jam underneath the fruit. The green tea cream is a perfect match with the white chocolate and it is good that they are so close together. The sweet strawberry jam does clash a bit with the delicate green tea-white chocolate combo, but you can avoid that by eating the upper layer of your piece of cake first and finishing with the fruit and the layer of cake with strawberry jam and whip cream. Then, you get two of my favorite cakes-in-one! ^_^ 

The marshmallows also surprisingly taste good with some cake mixed in one bite. After placing it in the refrigerator for a little while, they softened up a bit. Maybe it is because of the whip cream that sticks them to the cake. The cake layers were a bit of a disappointment though. It was too hard and crumbly on the day itself and too soft and soggy the next day. Lesson learned: Don't be lazy and make the cake layers yourself. ^_^

forest fruit whipcream cake with green tea cream and marshmallows

forest fruit whipcream cake with green tea cream and pastel marshmallows

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