Lodispotto fukubukuro (aka lucky bag, 福袋) 2014 reveal

The third fukubukuro that I bought in 2014 is the one from the Japanese fashion brand, Lodispotto. It is a sister brand of Misch Masch, from which I previously revealed the fukubukuro of 2014. The two brands have a very similar romantic, modern princess like style. Although they both have very cute clothing, I personally think that Misch Masch is slightly more mature.

Total costs: 10,000 yen for the fukubukuro and 5,193 yen for international shipping with EMS (the costs were divided by three)

After Misch Masch, this was also the first time, I was introduced to the clothing of Lodispotto. I am very happy with the coats that I got from the fukubukuro of the two brands, as they are very high quality and they keep me very warm. As I mentioned before, I was very lucky to get the version with the black coat instead of the light beige one, since I already got a light beige coat in my Misch Masch fukubukuro, which looks almost identical, except for the fur collar. The black Lodispotto coat - which is not completely pitch-black, but more a black with a dark grey undertone - also looks amazing together with the pretty pink shade of the dress that I got in the same fukubukuro. The black color of the coat looks the most accurate in the last part of the video, while I kept the front and back views of the coat slightly overexposed to make the details more visible.

Total costs: 10,000 yen for the fukubukuro and 5,193 yen (for international shipping with EMS, costs divided by three - which means that I bought three lucky bags!) - See more at: http://www.atfirstwink.com/2015/01/misch-masch-fukubukuro-aka-lucky-bag-reveal-2014.html#sthash.VvqaIHi7.dpuf

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