Misch Masch fukubukuro (aka lucky bag, 福袋) 2014 reveal

It is almost two months ago, since I revealed the GALSTAR fukubukuro that I bought last year. I promised to reveal the other lucky bags that I bought soon, but it got delayed again. I hope you are not too disappointed with me. >_< This did give me the opportunity to create three YouTube videos in a row. I will reveal them one by one, starting with the Misch Masch fukubukuro.  

Total costs: 10,000 yen for the fukubukuro and 5,193 yen for international shipping with EMS (the costs were divided by three - which means that I bought three lucky bags!)

I have never heard of the Japanese fashion brand, Misch Masch before, but looking at the reveals of their fukubukuro of the previous year and the clothes that I find on online stores, it has a very romantic and feminine style. Their coats look very nice and they are normally very expensive, so it was great that I could get a Misch Masch coat and several clothing items for such a low price. There was also a monochrome version of this lucky bag with the same clothes, but in different colors. I feel really lucky to get the one with the warm and pastel colors, because the cool toned white, black, and grey clothes might not look as good on me. I got a black coat in another lucky bag, so it is seriously amazing how I was able to avoid getting two coats in the same color and style and also getting the lucky bag that I wanted, out of the two versions.

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