Happy Chinese New Year !

Chinese New Year already started yesterday, but I think it is still okay to wish everyone who celebrates it, a very happy Chinese New Year!

Chinese New Year 2015 cherry blossoms

If I lived in Hong Kong, I would be able to visit the flower market and buy lots of festive flowers and plants, such as a small tangerine tree with many small tangerines (the more, the better). But even though, we can't have as big of a celebration as in Hong Kong, we managed to decorate our house with some sakura branches. It is a bit of a joke compared to the large bunch of sakura branches that you can buy in Hong Kong or China, but it looks good regardless.

If you are interested, you can find the white sakura branches selling for €1.99 at the Albert Heijn supermarket. The pink sakura branches were bought at the local market in Rotterdam for €4.50.

pink cherry blossoms

Chinese New Year 2015 white cherry blossoms and mandarins

pink cherry blossoms sakura

Chinese New Year 2015 white cherry blossoms and red packet

white cherry blossom sakura

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